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The Team

Joaquín Valverde


Designer and publicist specialised in video games. Driven by a desire to design games that create massive communities of players and having focused his efforts on MMO games for the last 4 years he was able to found Blackmouth Studios, a pioneering game development firm in Spain.


Guillermo Blanca


He studied production and game design. With professional experience in programming and video game development for PlayStation and PC. He spends his free time learning new techniques to create better games and enjoyable experiences

Alejandro Cardeña Martínez

Ux Researcher & Co-Founder

Neuropsychiatric Philosophy PhD Researcher, postgraduate with honours from 7 national and international universities and institutes of technology, including the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF, Denmark), the National Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the University of Salamanca. He is a trained UX & UI Researcher and Designer, devoted to creating the best experience scenarios, listening to our users needs and expectations.