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We’re a dynamic team of videogame lovers based in Madrid, Spain. Given our experience and trajectory, we were compelled to create our own independent game development studio with the aim of building a new generation of MMO F2P videogames.

Our passion and commitment for this space ensures we are on the forefront of Technological Innovation and R&D which allow us to create high-quality products, at a low cost and market them for free giving access to everyone and anyone with a PC or console.


Game Development

HOME: Outlaw State

We are developing a series of videogames with coherent and dynamic universes to host massive online communities and enable accessible & seamless gaming opportunities for everyone.

Home will be our digitally optimised universe that listens to you, evolving with your actions and respecting your decisions, where different game modes will be hosted. This infinite universe will be the canvas where our gamers can paint their own stories and parallel life.

We have developed Hit n’ Rush®, a unique game mode designed to compete with the increasingly popular Battle Royale mode by adding many new and exciting layers to add gameplay options and provide gamers with never-ending opportunities for fun.

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HOME: Outlaw State

Enter an unexplored world…

Full of ruins and remains of preceding civilizations from the uncharted past: vanguard technological infrastructures, anthropomorphic creatures…
and you, amongst many others trying to unravel what actually is happening.

Choose your perfect HOME

Explore, analyse and interact with the world and its creatures around you, but keep in mind every action you take has its own repercussions.

This is Home

Dive into a constantly evolving natural setting, based on a complex system, allowing the world
to “listen” to its users and develop in parallel with players’ actions and decisions.
Enter HOME: Outlaw State and see it all with your own eyes.

HOME I can do whatever I want

Immerse yourself in HOME: Outlaw State and create your own world, destroy
or interact with others’ or let them join you – you are the one in charge of your destiny.

HOME  is a real-time survival MMO, third person shooter adventure playing out in an alternative future altered by the course of history with an ever changing plot narrated by the actions of individual players.

Our innovation with Event-Based Dynamics for MMO Games has been integrated and renewed, enhancing a fascinating social gaming experience that respects your free-will and grows with it.

A never-ending script will bring you hours and hours of joy, discovering an amazing world though your preferred style of playing: Exploration, Farming, Crafting, Trading, Building, Shooting, and more to come.

With a high-fidelity rendering, it offers a sophisticated, photorealistic environment & lighting feeling powered by theUnreal Engine.

Our Partners

Our Company Commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our aim as a tech company growing in the emergent world of video games, is to encourage our gamers to face real life issues like genetic modification, populism, conservation of our environment and of course economics within our game. This ought to provide experience and novel perspectives which will subconsciously make our community better human beings.

Ecology & Education

Given the current trends pushing us towards the annihilation of our environment and biosphere, it is important to highlight the effects this would have on humanity. Painting a picture of what an altered world would entail for us conveys a very powerful message: We have it good, so let’s preserve it!

Innovation & Cooperation

We are creating an infinite universe to house our massive communities; social gaming truly exemplifies the human need to share and form groups.  The shift towards a globalised world highlights the inherent benefits related to co-operation. Within Home, the destruction of society and the environment occurred precisely because of the schism in groups leading to a conflict. As a team we seek to cooperate and combine our expertise to enable streamlined production and the best possible result through a pooling of our individual capabilities.

User Understanding & Enjoyment

We learn from our users in real time by listening to their needs, ideas and decisions, enabling our responsiveness to meet their expectations and interests. We create better content to be more enjoyable, building games based on real data, thus reducing our margin of error and in turn our investment risk when launching a product.

Job Openings

Join the Team

We are willing to work with enthusiastic and professional people. If you think you have something we need to hear about, great ideas and work everyone needs to see, come by and let us match.Send us your CV and Portfolio with a Cover Letter.

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Postgraduate Internship

We want to approach work to academy. If you are interested in conducting your Grade’s Final Project, Master’s or PhD Thesis, or a Profesional Research Project on any of these fields, we will be glad to accompany you in your education:

. Data & Networking Security

. MMO’s Software Engineering

. Rendering Engineering

. Online Software

. Artificial Intelligence

. Big Data

. Business Intelligence

. Cinema & Post-Production

. Social Gaming Interaction 

. Game Anthropology and Sociology

. Psychiatry and Study of Emotions

. UX / UI Research

Apply to a position by sending us a Cover Letter with your ideas and thesis sketch, with a Recommendation from your Director. Our Research Team will assist you to develop an independent study participating in our design approaches and methodologies.

It is not a requirement to have any sponsor or scholarship acceptance: every university or institute is valid for this collaboration. For more information, contact with our studio.

Please have in mind that this is an unpaid internship that shall be thought to be a part of your ongoing education. Candidates residing in any part of the world are able to apply, however, the studio cannot offer neither relocation nor accommodation services for this profile.

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Contact Us

For general enquiries, media and press, please contact us here :

c/ Canillas 81, 1º Izq (Madrid 28028, Spain)


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